SmartTrakker is a data-management platform designed by Bart Niedner and Rob Ursino. Bart and Rob have been building back-end, member-centric tools for high-profile clients since 2002. Nonprofits, businesses, and community organizations all need to track transactions and communicate with members. Many also do some sort of fundraising in their course of business. Smart Trakker is a flexible software solution which brings together the tools required for these common business needs.

Special thanks to Michael Schottenhaml, Michelle Niedner, and Lauren Byrnes for their direct technical contributions; to our initial customers base who took the brave leap from Fellowship to SmartTrakker and were invaluable to understanding the needs and use cases for our product; and most profoundly, we are grateful to Rob's and Bart's families for their continuing support and belief in our purpose of helping our customers better serve others! Thank you!

Minor versions of this Smart Trakker release are named after famous explorers. The defining feature of the Banneker version is full-featured registration process via Event-Trakker Advanced... Benjamin Banneker (circa 1800) was a self-taught, Black astronomer and mathematician. Both areas of expertise were put to use precisly laying out the U.S. national capitol beginning in 1791. At that time, with no advanced equipment for measuring land, an astronomer used the parallax effect to ascertain distances.

The current version of Smart Trakker is Banneker v1.05.0.
Banneker v1.05.0.3ffda83 released October 11, 2018, 1:32 pm EDT

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Customer Website: secure.smarttrakker.com

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