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Smart Trakker relies on our Affiliate Partnerships to spread the word. We highly value these relationships and make it meaningful to represent us in the marketplace. With referral rates between 30% and 80%, representing Smart Trakker can provide a strong revenue stream ($23-$1,668 per referral). For example, at a 40% referral rate, a single sale of the middle-of-the-trail package and membership level represents over $400 immediately in your bank account.

We find that event-planners, marketing folks, and front-end web developers make excellent potential Affiliate Partners because they are already engaged with likely Smart Trakker candidates. We have also found that our existing client base is our best referral relationship. Whether it is a single sale, periodic sales in conjunction with your normal business activity, or a full-time effort, we want to reward your efforts when you promote Smart Trakker!

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