Welcome to Smart Trakker!

Smart Trakker is a suite of integrated modules that share a common database. Each module can be used independantly or along with any or all of the other modules.

The partners of Smart Trakker LLC have been building back-end, member-centric tools for high-profile clients since 2002. Not-for-profits, businesses, professional and community organizations, all need to keep track of and communicate with their membership. We have built custom tools for a variety of customers having very similar needs - from invoicing for dues and registering for events to tracking clients and other important data. Often our clients turn to us because out-of-the-box solutions do not have the flexibility to accomodate their specific business rules. Smart Trakker is a suite of modules built on the premise that simple data point flexibility can be leveraged to build straight-forward and usefull tools across many diverse needs... Welcome to a tool designed to do it your way!

Current Modules...

Event-Trakker is your full featured Event Registration module. Allowing flexible registration options, reporting, and multiple registrations at one time, Event-Trakker walks a registrant through the process. Event-managers can track registrations, hotel dates, and specific registration options. All registration data can be downloaded for use in your work-flow. And Event-Trakker integrates with Member-Trakker for concurent dues payments or other membership classification checks. Allow flexible event registration while maintaining coordination with your membership!

Member-Trakker is your Membership Management module. Functional actions such as mass emailing, invoicing, and data access can be segregated into subgroups. Send the reminder only to the relevant committee members. Invoice dues to separate classifications of members. Build activity reports based on demographic data. You decide the subgroups and datapoints that work for your business model.

Assistance-Trakker is your case management module. Helping others will never be easier with our amazing workflow driven interface. Recording how you are helping others is only one side of the coin. What if you could report on what you are not able to do for a client in your care? Your benefactors will know you are ahead of the curve with Smart Trakker.

Future Modules...

Location-Trakker is built to help with your Geo Located Notes. Using a mobile-friendly user interface for field work as well as a robust desktop interface for data analysis and reporting, Location-Trakker is perfect for attaching basic records to physical locations. For example, a municipality might use Location-Trakker to record fire-hydrant locations and quickly pull up critical data such as pressure or flow maximums. Or a business organization might track ad campaigns and results. If groups of people are being goelocated, Location-Trakker can integrate with Member-Trakker for a robust data environment.

Data-Trakker is your flexible Data Tracking & Reporting module. "The world runs on lists!" Data-Trakker is an integrated way to manage your lists and run reports based on your data. Integrated with Member-Trakker, your lists can be easily shared accross membership classifications based on customizable data access. Data-Trakker is a perfect solution for custom datapoint tracking.

It Really Is All About YOU!

Custom software is expensive to develop and maintain. Often, small and medium sized organizations simply cannot afford the solutions they really need. They wind up settling for out-of-the-box software that does not mesh up with their internal business rules.

Smart Trakker has a different approach: "It really is all about you!" Our platform is built on the premise that it can be extended and customized. Optional new features are added routinely in an unobtrusive way that does not force you to "re-learn" the software. Most of these features are free, but some may include optional, module-based integrations for a reasonable subscription fee - much less than custom software. Smart Trakker becomes better over time, guided by our users to evolve in ways that empower YOU.

The Smart Trakker distinction is that our new features are requested by YOU! This isn't beta-testing lip-service. It is our fundamental busines concept to build a cost-effective, sustainable solution which puts our customers in the development driver's seat. Imagine being able to ask an out-of-the-box software development company to relocate a button or add a feature. Try getting them to add a new VIP Code feature or additional functionality to their event registration. But Smart Trakker wants your input! If possible, we will add your feature at no cost. And, if the larger need is there we can even partner with you to integrate a whole module, at much less than half the cost of developing custom software... Welcome to a tool designed to do it your way!